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Romantic Bedroom Tips



Choose soft colors for the room. Soft colors enhance romance more and helps people to relax.

Room Furnishing

Get rid of disturbance such as TV sets, computers, noisy clocks and anything that is too noisy. They disturb the peace and tranquility in the room.

Decorations for the room can be done with satin and lace. Flowers, paintings, artistic furniture can all be added to the room to increase the romance factor.


Lighting for the room should be keep dim. Curtains can be used to block out natural light from the windows if your room receives a lot of light from outside. Candles can be used instead to enhance the romantic atmosphere and make up for the dim lights. Do not use too many candles to prevent your room from turning into a cult house. Use candles with aromatherapy purpose to give your room a nice scent.

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Appeal to the smell

Incense with swirling smoke and sweet smells can help increase the romance factor of the room. However, they tend to create a mess. Alternatively, use scented sachets of lavender and rosemary or perfumed oil to make the room smell nice.


Comfortable mattress that is soft and inviting. Some favourites among readers include waterbed or a canopy style bed. A soft and comfortable comforter will also help.

Soft soothing romantic music should be used to enhance the romantic atmosphere. A good idea will be romantic classical music without ay words in it. Get some ideas for romantic music or romanic songs.


Additional Stuff

In addition, other romantic stuff like massage oils, food and drinks can be kept in the bedroom so you can used them whenever you need them. Some ideas include champagne, chocolate and whipped cream.

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Lastly, it is important to customise all the above tips and ideas acoording to the preference of your partner. Everybody have their individual preferences and by sparing a thought for your partner, it can help enhance the romantic atmosphere of the room. Even ideas that are not suggested can be used. Have fun being creative and spicing up your relationship!


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