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Romance, like the rabbit at the dog track,
is the elusive, fake,
and never attained reward which,
for the benefit and
amusement of our masters,
keeps us running
and thinking in safe circles.

A true man does not need
to romance a different girl every night,
a true man romances the same girl
for the rest of her life

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I love romance.
It goes back to the films I watched as a kid.

I love romance.
I'm a sucker for it.
I love it so much.
It's pathetic.

To most men any romance
which runs beyond the limits
of an episode becomes a nuisance

And what's romance?
Usually, a nice little tale
where you have everything as you like it,
where rain never wets your jacket
and gnats never bite your nose,
and it's always daisy-time.

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A romance that ends in indifference
has gone through
a full course of development

For me, romance isn't an over-the-top act.
It's someone offering to help and to support me.
Or if that person thinks
I'm making the wrong decision,
he'll tell me. I want him to be honest,
because being that honest takes a lot of guts.

When one is in love,
one always begins by deceiving one's self,
and one always ends by deceiving others.
That is what world calls a romance.

In a great romance,
each person plays a part
the other really likes.

A historical romance is the only kind
of book where chastity really counts.

Most films these days are men's stories.
Women are for add-on romance.
That's very hard.

Romance is the glamour
which turns the dust of
everyday life into a golden haze.

Romance Quotes Part 1 | 2


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