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Romance Story
A Diary from a Guy Part 1

A Diary from a Guy Part 1 | 2


*2nd January*
Do you still remember the first time we met? It was the first day in school. I was entering the school gate in a hurry when I bumped into you as you stepped out of a luxurious Volvo. The books you were holding fell all over the ground. I picked up the books quickly and returned them to you along with sincere words of apology. However, you showed me an intimidating look. That gave me an impression that you were a wilful girl born with a golden spoon. I rejected the possibility of being friends with you completely and hoped not to meet you again. Surprisingly, you turned out to be my classmate.

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*22nd March*
I begin to know more about you as the days passed and my opinion of you changed for the better with each passing day. I realized that although you are from a wealthy family but you are definitely not a wilful girl. You are nice and friendly. You were angry on the day we first met because I had left a footprint mark on the poetry collection you loved dearly. We met often during lunch breaks and I found something in you that was different from the rest of the girls - your passion for Chinese poetry. You would often mumble something to yourself. Initially, I thought that you were humming a pop song but later, I realized that you were reciting Chinese poems from great poets. You were so knowledgeable that you knew every poet and which poems they composed. I was very impressed indeed.

*5th April*
I met you again in the study area. You were reading the Chinese classic, "Romance of the Three Kingdoms". Your ability to appreciate Chinese classics left me with admiration. You were indeed unique in many ways.

*5th May*
Ever since that day, we would often meet in the study area to discuss about the merits and demerits of the various characters in the Chinese classics. Do you still remember the time when we almost severed our friendship because we could not agree on whether Jia BaoYu hurt Lin Dai Yu? Our argument was so fierce that we stopped talking for a week. But when Friday came, we met in the study area and laughed over the incident. After which we started another petty argument.

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*7th Aug*
I could not deny it. It was a feeling I could not identify accurately. Whenever you laughed over a joke with other guys, that emotion filled my senses. It took me a while before I identified it. I was in love; the feeling was jealousy. I felt the need to express it. But I was afraid... That you would dismiss my feelings and we would be stuck in an embarrassing and awkward situation. I kept quiet as I was also afraid that our long nurtured friendship would crumble.

*1st Oct*
The news came as a shock to me. I was very worried when I learnt that you had fainted in the canteen. I struggled to keep my worried face in control as I looked at the ambulance that brought you to the hospital.

A Diary from a Guy Part 1 | 2


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