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Rhyming Love Poems Part 1 | 2


Not much scares me, this much is true

Except when it comes to loving you

My stomack flutters, at the sound of your voice

Still afraid im holding back, i must make a choice

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Should i go, or should i stay

Ill make it through it all someway

Your eyes truely hypmtize me

But im still holding the only key

Afraid to let go, too much to loose

Just one kiss, and you light my fuse

I truely believe your not like the past

And i really hope you will be my last

But what im truely afraid of most

Is no longer being your host

So i will take the chance on loving you

As long as your heart remains true

Ill wait as long as i must

Because in your heart i trust

So open up your heart to me

Always true to you i will be

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I know one day you'll say those sweet words

And i will be in such joy afterwards

So lets start a journey in life together

I promise to be yours now and forever


Victoria Coats

Rhyming Love Poems Part 1 | 2

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