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Rhyming Love Poems
More Than They

Rhyming Love Poems Part 1 | 2


I love the way you touch my hand
Love the way, you make me sad
Love the way my whole heart cries
When i see that smile so bright

I can't believe the life i had
Have been changed by someone that
I never thought would see my moves
So glad and no question woe

Now i'm sure my heart will stay
As it is but life must sway
All i need is words that say
That you care for me always

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I don't care what they might say
All i know is that i'll stay
Through clouds of summer or skies of grey
Even when forbid us they

Some might say that we're not one
Of the other but that's what's fun
'coz no two person can be as one
As the other and coz no one lasts

Now my life won't be more easy
With you and me the world would see
How lucky we are but i'm sorry to say
That we could not be more than they

That's what they say all over us
'coz one and another don't fot to rays
How come we can't be just
A bit more than what expected from us?


I wonder if they say is true
That we can't be one but two
Now i wish your heart will stay
Forever with mine always

I'm afraid it's time to face
The ugly thruth and speak their way
For us to be more than they
A word or three is all must say

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How can we be more than that
What they expect us but now must not
But we can't be forever prey
Of all that talk and no words to say

This time our words, it need to say
What mind forbids but heart portray
All i want is for us to be
A little bit or more than thee

Is it wrong for me to be
With the one i love to thee?
What wrong is done for me to pay
The debts and fines life gave today?

Farewell my love now i can say
A little bit is more than they
Because we have found what they've been searching
True love that's more than they could prey

Zhaina Suarez

Rhyming Love Poems Part 1 | 2


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