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Miracle by Chance Part 2

Miracle by Chance Part 1 | 2


I told him I liked country music and used to frequent a particular bar, which had closed down about fifteen years ago. Naturally, he asked me about the name of the bar back then. I told him it was Club Palomino. He was really surprised and told me he used to play there. I wasn’t sure whether to believe him or not! He said he would send me a picture of his band that played there.
I thought, “Yeah right, this is too much of a coincidence.” to myself as I waited patiently in front of my computer for the picture.
Lo and behold! A huge picture with the words “Cheyenne” and “Club Palomino” came up on my screen. I freaked out! I couldn’t believe it! It was him in the picture with Cheyenne. The guy I was interested in was the rhythm guitar player in my favourite band. I was so shocked that I went crazy after seeing the picture! It was just unbelievable! It was like a miracle that suddenly happened! It was like a fairy tale!

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We carried on chatting every moment we had for some time and eventually, he gave me his phone number. We started talking on the phone every night. It was just amazing all the things we had in common about everything! Yes, it was too good to be true! After about three weeks of talking on the phone every night, chatting on the computer and exchanging pictures, we decided to meet. I was brave enough to allow him to pick me up at my mother’s place as I had developed a trust in him through listening to his honest voice. I met him downstairs in front of my mother’s apartment building. He got out of his car and the first thing we did was to look at each other and start laughing. We laughed like crazy and couldn’t stop laughing! He took me to the local Canadian Legion where we talked, had a drink together (still laughing) and got more acquainted.

Eventually we went into another room and sat down at a table. After a while, he asked me if I mind if he got up on stage to do a solo. I definitely did not mind as being in the company of a man singing with his guitar is like being in heaven. He got up on stage and started playing his guitar and singing in front of an audience. That did it for me. I was hooked! The guy I admired fifteen years ago was performing in front of my eyes and was my date! I was in heaven! We dated for about two years and it was absolutely wonderful. Eventually we bought a condominium and have been living together for two and a half years now. Then, the final surprise! After moving into our condominium, we looked out of our window and to our astonishment we saw the office building of the dating site that brought us together. What a coincidence that was! In March 2008, we would have been together for five years, playing music and still laughing! We are just like two peas in a pod.

He met my friend who I was with at Club Palomino fifteen years ago and he remembered seeing us dancing while his band Cheyenne played. He also remembered me standing at the bar at times. I used to watch him go to the bar for his coffee and I knew our eyes met at that time. It felt strange crossing one another’s path some fifteen years ago only to be together now in the future and remembering it all!


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By the way, that short blonde girl he was with at Club Palomino was the girl he married for eight years. He went through a brutal divorce. He did tell me that I should have approached him and told him “She is bad news.” when I first saw him at Club Palomino fifteen years ago. It’s funny how life is - it just wasn’t meant to be back then. Fate brought us together. We met our soul mates all thanks to that dating site!

For Jeanette and Rick

By Jeannette Gardner

Miracle by Chance Part 1 | 2


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