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My Life Story Part 2

My Life Story Part 1 | 2


Two days into our relationship, he took my first kiss. He was the first guy I hugged and held hands with. I never regretted doing all these with him and I put all my trust in him. I went to his place on a few occasions and his family welcomed me.

However, two weeks into the relationship, he forced himself on me at his place. I cried and tried to push him away. It didn't help. In the end, I stopped struggling because I love him a lot.

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After that incident, things changed. He became verbally and physically abusive. He will hurl vulgarities at me for no good reason. He will also whack me whenever there's an argument. My relatives used to question me about the bruises on my body. However, I couldn't tell them the real reason behind them. Sometimes, I thought I had enough and should therefore end the relationship. However, I would remember the times that he was there for me whenever I needed him and hence, I continued staying by his side.

A few years later, I found out that he cheated on me. He bedded other girls behind my back. I was upset and tried to initiate a break up.
He said, "You better stay with me or your family will suffer the consequences."
I was scared and I had no one to turn to.

He continued abusing me verbally and physically. One day, I told my aunt everything. I told her about the abuse and his infidelity. She was furious and told my dad. My dad was very upset but I told him I’m fine and he didn't have to worry.

My suffering continued and the arguments got worse. He would hit me with chairs and slap or kick me whenever he’s angry. I cried often and apologized even though it wasn’t my fault. I never laid a finger on him throughout our relationship. I have no rights as he will always expect me to obey what he says. He feels that he dotes on me a lot and I can never do anything without him. Sadly, I am as dumb as he thought I was.


I was once pregnant with his child. I told him about it and he told me to go for an abortion as soon as possible. He said he didn't want the child. He called it a "bastard" and claimed that the child was a jinx. I was heartbroken but I still went for the abortion. He was there and he paid for everything. However, it was pointless as I lost my child.
A day before my abortion, I told him, “Don't ever forget that this is your decision."
I touched my tummy and said, "I want to keep you with me but your father doesn't want you."

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I gave up everything for this one person. I gave up my family, my studies and my baby. He thought he gave me the world but he didn't.

I would like to offer my advice to all girls. Whatever you do, love yourself. I regretted not doing so. Don't let your vision be blurred by love.

My Life Story Part 1 | 2


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