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I Love Him Quotes


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If I know what love is,
it is because of you.

When you came,
you were like red wine and honey,
and the taste of you
burnt my mouth with its sweetness.

There are many fish in the sea,
but you're the only one for me.

My favorite place to be
is inside of your hugs
where it's warm and loving.
I Love You!

Come live with me and be my love,
and we will some
new pleasures prove,
of golden sands,
and crystal beaches,
with silken lines and silver hooks...

We came together
underneath the stars above.
What started out as liking
soon developed into love.
I sense a certain something that,
in my heart,
felt so true that
I knew I waited all my life
to fall in love with you.

Because Life Isn't
Quite Worth Living
If I Can't Share It With Someone Like You

Definition of Destiny:
Something that was meant to be
Is going to be
Example: You and Me


Sometimes your nearness
takes my breath away;
and all the things
I want to say can find no voice.
Then, in silence,
I can only hope
my eyes will speak my heart.

I love you times infinity...
plus one

You're nothing short
of my everything.

I only thought of you once today,
I just never stopped.


I Love Him Quotes Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5


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