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Nice Sayings About Love

Nice Love Quotes Part 1 | 2


Love always needs to grow.
but it needs the help of two people,
one that looks like Adam
and one that looks like Eve.
These two people have to work
together and take well care of love.
As long as they take care of it,
it will stay in their heart
of those two people.
But if one of those two people
stop taking care of it,
it will stop growing and
it will naturally go away.
But to leave, it has to cut
a piece of the heart so it can escape.
That’s why people
call it being “heart broken”.
Love will keep flying around
to find two more people.
That’s why the say “love is in the air”.

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No one is too old to fall in love!

Sometimes you don’t know
what you’re looking for
until you find it.

You can close your eyes
to things you don’t want to see…
but you can’t close your heart
to things you don’t want to feel…

You will never find the right person...
Unless, you make yourself the right one!

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True love is when you are in
your 80s after 60 years of marriage
and you still look at each other
as if you were 16 and just
falling in love for the first time.

Love is the sweet feeling
that comes automatically
through our heart and nothing can stop it.

Loving you is not my passion,
it’s my nature.

Nice Love Quotes Part 1 | 2


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