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Nice Love Quotes

Nice Love Quotes Part 1 | 2


Do not wait for the perfect moment,
take this moment and make it perfect.

What’s meant to be
will always find its way.

Love is for fools.
It’s everything a fools wants,
it’s everything a fool needs
and it’s everything a fool thinks of.
But I’m a fool for you.

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When I hear your name,
my heart smiles.

If you love someone,
don’t give up! fight for it!

Love is not a game to play,
love doesn’t begin in march
and end in may,
love is today,
tomorrow and every day.

The world may not revolve around you,
but mine does.

Going on the radio
is like talking to a nice girl you know;
you think of perfect things to say
and things to talk about
but you can't premeditate love or the media

Love does not exist
without the word PAIN.

Love is a never ending feeling.


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You are given today and
never promised tomorrow
so be sure to tell someone
that you love them.

If you happen to find
the one that loves you enough
to stick with you through
all the bad is worth staying
with no matter what,
don’t let that person go,
don’t let them leave,
Love them and try to keep them.
Love is worth the pain and heartache.

Nice Love Quotes Part 1 | 2


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