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Mothers Love Poems
Essence of Humanity

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When I found out my mom had cancer
I refused to believe
That this woman that I loved so much
Was dying

I ignored it as much as I could
Denied it from day one
That there was no possible way
That one day she’d be gone

I burned it from my memory
That this diesase was actually real
That it was taking over her body
Making her helpless and ill

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I couldn’t believe
That someone so sweet and pure
That was the essence of humanity
That there very life was ripped from them, shreaded and torn

I couldn’t understand why
My mother was being taken from me
The one who understood me the most
Was being forced to leave

And the very hour
That there was turning back
That she was offically leaving the world
I ran and hid in the back

I couldn’t believe that my mother was dying
I didn’t even kiss her goodbye
Instead I sat there selfish in the corner
Screaming WHY OH WHY!

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It’s been over five years since that moment
And I am only now accepting that she died
More important I am accepting that she lived
That she lived so happy of a life

You see my mother, my angel
She had so much love in her heart
And even though she had hardships upon her
She never let that pain tear her apart

And even though she was going through so much
She was always thinking of others
She touched everyone’s heart that she met
I had the most increbile mother!


Mothers Love Poems Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5


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