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Loss Of Loved Ones

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These have I loved
And oh I still do
My loved ones,
Who have been
Called to heaven
To live with you

You called them home
One by one
To live up there
Beyond the clouds,
The sun

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First you called
My big brother
A young boy of twelve
I was four at the time
He earned his wings
To fly

You then called
My mother
That broke,
My heart in two
I was only
Eleven years old
When she went to live
With you

Then you called
My dad
A true hero
In my eyes
It hurt so badly
To have him
Taken from my life

As a father and friend
Counselor and adviser
there never lived a man,
who could have possibly,
Been wiser


Then you called
My baby sister
At the age of twenty-nine
Two men with guns
Ended her life

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My heart is now
two halves,
Where once,
it was whole
I am finding it,
so hard to bring peace,
To my soul

So often
I cry silent tears
Ones that no one,
can see

I often cry,
these silent tears
While at my job
I truly break down
And sob

I cry silent tears
For each of you
Because I miss you
I truly do

I have known my share
Of sorrow
Felt so much pain
I have cried an ocean of tears
That have fallen
Like the rain

My life was blessed
By each of you
And in my heart
There’s still
So much love
For you

Though, I cannot see you
No longer feel your touch
Please know that I love
And miss you all
So much


Loved Poems Part 1 | 2 | 3


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