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I'm writing this to you
Just to let you know
I love you even though
It doesn't always show
You are my best friend
Best friend I've ever had

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People search their whole lives
And can never be this glad
We always seem to know
What each other is thinking
Without even having
To use words for expressing
The bond we have
Isn't something everyone shares
And when I'm feeling down
You help me forget my cares
You're honest when you have to be
But fib when you should
Like if I get a bad haircut
You tell me it looks good
You give me your opinion
Even though I sometimes fight
But always in the end
It turns out to be right
I never knew what a friend was
Until you showed me true
And now I've experienced it
I'm glad I met you
You're always there for me
And help me when it's rough
We've went through some bad times
But together it wasn't as tough
I never expected to get so close
To someone as I am you
And I never expected to want to spend
Every minute with just us two
Now I have someone to talk to
When no one else will
Someone to cry with

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Who knows just how I feel
Someone to tell my secrets
How dark and deep they go
Someone to laugh all day with
For reasons we don't know
I thank the lord each day
For bringing me someone like you
I just want you to know
You mean more than you think you do
And always remember
What I say is true
I always have and always will
Have my love for you

Laura Ann Fournier

Love Friendship Poems Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

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