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Friendship Love Poems
You've Grown in My Heart

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You've left a mark in my heart that will never erase.
You'll always be in my heart, forever.
I remember those summer days,
Having fun until sunset- those were the days.

How I wish, now, it'd be that easy.
Now, things seem to be getting harder,
But I'm glad we're still here, as friends.

I hate to see you sad- you get cut, I get cut,
That's the way it works in this heart of mine.
I wasn't going to let you leave, not you,
Because I'd miss you

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I'll always be here for you,
And I care when you want to die
Or have no reason to live,
Think of me and that I care about you.

I've been close to losing you twice.
You've been there for me
And have put a smile on my face,
You're so special, believe it or not.

I'd never do anything to hurt you,
I'd do anything for your happiness,
And just to see you smile.

No matter where life's path takes us,
If you just look back, I'll be right there for you.
I pray for your happiness,
And I worry when you run away from home,

But I want you to know that in everything you do,
I'll support you,
And I want to be there with you
To see your dreams come true.

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After all we've been through- we're still here,
And I'm glad to have a friend like you,
I don't ever want to lose you,
And I'm sorry if I've ever hurt you,
You know that wasn't what I wanted to do.

So, please smile and don't forget
That in this big wide world there's a little person
Who loves and cares so much about you...

Guadalupe Melara

Love Friendship Poems Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

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