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Jane Eyre


Release Date: April 12, 1996

Runtime: 116 min

Language: English / French

Tagline: The passionate tale of forbidden secrets!

Director: Franco Zeffirelli

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Who's In It:

Anna Paquin as Young Jane Eyre
Nic Knight as John Reed
Nicola Howard as Eliza Reed
Sasha Graff as Georgiana Reed
Fiona Shaw as Mrs. Reed
John Wood as Mr. Brocklehurst
Geraldine Chaplin as Miss Scatcherd
Amanda Root as Miss Temple
Leanne Rowe as Helen Burns
Charlotte Gainsbourg as Jane Eyre
Richard Warwick as John
Judith Parker as Leah

Soundtrack / Songs: Jane Eyre: Original Soundtrack Recording - Claudio Capponi, Alessio Vlad - 1999

1. Jane Eyre's Theme
2. Jane's Infancy
3. Helen's Theme
4. Jane's Theme
5. Helen And Jane
6. Thornfield
7. Rochester's Theme
8. Jane's Journey
9. Fire At Thornfield
10. Jane's Dreams
11. Lowood
12. Blanche's Arrival
13. Jane's Return
14. Jane And Rochester
15. Winter And Logwood
16. Jane's Wedding
17. Return To Thornfield
18. Jane Eyre's Theme

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Quotes From Jane Eyre:

Mr. Rochester: Sometimes I have the strangest feeling about you. Especially when you are near me as you are now. It feels as though I had a string tied here under my left rib where my heart is, tightly knotted to you in a similar fashion. And when you go to Ireland, with all that distance between us, I am afraid that this cord will be snapped, and I shall bleed inwardly.

Young Jane: I am not deceitful! And I am not a liar. For if I were, I should say that I loved you. I do not love you. I dislike you more than anyone in the world, except your son.

Jane Eyre: We are truly devoted, my Edward and I; our hearts beat as one; our happiness is complete.


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