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Becoming Jane


Release Date: April 4, 2008

Runtime: 113 min

Language: English

Tagline: Jane Austen's Greatest Love Story Was Her Own

Director: Julian Jarrold

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Who's In It:

Anne Hathaway as Jane Austen
James McAvoy as Tom Lefroy
Julie Walters as Mrs. Austen
Maggie Smith as Lady Gresham
James Cromwell as Rev Austen

Soundtrack / Songs: Becoming Jane - Various Artists - Soundtrack - 2008

1. First Impressions
2. Hampshire
3. Bond Street Airs
4. Basingstoke Assembly
5. A Game Of Cricket
6. Selbourne Wood
7. Lady Gresham
8. Advice From a Young Lady
9. Laverton Fair
10. To the Bell
11. Rose Garden
12. Mrs. Radcliffe
13. Goodbye Mr. Iefroy
14. Distant Lives
15. The Messenger
16. An Adoring Heart
17. Runaways
18. A Letter From Limerick
19. The Loss Of Yours
20. To Be Apart
21. Non Vieni Del Tardar
22. Twenty Years Later
23. A Last Reading

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Quotes From Becoming Jane:

Tom Lefroy: What value will there ever be in life, if we aren't together?

Cassandra Austen on Pride and Prejudice: How does the story begin?
Jane Austen: Badly.
Cassandra Austen: And then?
Jane Austen: It gets worse.

Jane Austen: Cassie, his heart will stop at the sight of you, or he doesn't deserve to live. And, yes, I am aware of the contradiction embodied in that sentence.

Jane Austen: Could I really have this?
Tom Lefroy: What, precisely?
Jane Austen: You.
Tom Lefroy: Me, how?
Jane Austen: This life with you.
Tom Lefroy: Yes.

Mrs. Austen: Affection is desirable. Money is absolutely indispensable!

Mrs. Austen: That girl needs a husband. But who's good enough? Nobody. Thanks to you.
Rev Austen: Being so much the model of perfection.
Mrs. Austen: I've shared your bed for 32 years and perfection I have not encountered.
Rev Austen: Yet.

Mrs. Austen: JANE!
Lady Gresham: What is she doing?
Mr. Wisley: Writing.
Lady Gresham: Can anything be done about it?


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