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Release Date: April 3, 2009

Runtime: 99 min

Language: English / French

Tagline: When it comes to family and relationships, there are no small surprises

Director: Matt Aselton

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Who's In It:

Paul Dano as Brian Weathersby
Zooey Deschanel as Harriet 'Happy' Lolly
Edward Asner as Mr. Weathersby
Jane Alexander as Mrs. Weathersby
John Goodman as Al Lolly

Soundtrack / Songs: No known soundtracks yet.

Quotes From Gigantic:

Mrs. Weathersby: He's been sweet his whole life, but he never had the family the other kids did. Everyone thought that we were his grandparents. He told his teacher once that his real parents died in a car crash and his grandparents took him on.
Happy: He did?
Mrs. Weathersby: Well he was confused, I guess. I don't blame him. It wasn't disloyal, it was, he was just trying to make everything seem normal I suppose. But, nothing's normal.
Happy: You guys seem pretty normal.
Mrs. Weathersby: We're not. You have a right to be worried and afraid.
Happy: I'm just afraid that I've fucked everything up beyond repair.
Mrs. Weathersby: Nothing's fucked up, nothing's beyond repair.
Happy: Thank you.

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Larry Arbogast: Did you know women are 20 times more likely to be depressed than men? Maybe more, can't remember the exact number - it's a lot more.
Brian: That's good... for men.
Larry Arbogast: Not really, when you think about heterosexually.

Happy: What are you reading?
Brian: Uh, it's an article about a Tibetan Rinpoche who plays basketball with some other monks in Arizona. It says they got in fight with five advertising executives in front of a bunch of kids. What are you reading?
Happy: Um... mostly just ads.


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