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Release Date: December 18, 2009

Runtime: 160 min

Language: English

Tagline: Enter the World

Director: James Cameron

Who's In It:

Sam Worthington as Jake Sully
Zoe Saldana as Neytiri
Stephen Lang as Colonel Miles Quaritch
Sigourney Weaver as Dr. Grace Augustine
Joel Moore as Norm Spellman
Giovanni Ribisi as Parker Selfridge
Michelle Rodriguez as Trudy Chacon
Laz Alonso as Tsu'tey
Wes Studi as Eytukan
CCH Pounder as Moat

Soundtrack / Songs: Avatar Soundtrack - James Horner - 2009

1. ''You Don't Dream In Cryo. ....'' - James Horner
2. Jake Enters His Avatar World - James Horner
3. Pure Spirits Of The Forest - James Horner
4. The Bioluminescence Of The Night - James Horner
5. Becoming One Of ''The People'' Becoming One With Neytiri - James Horner
6. Climbing Up Iknimaya - The Path To Heaven'' - James Horner
7. Jake's First Flight - James Horner
8. Scorched Earth - James Horner
9. Quaritch - James Horner
10. The Destruction Of Hometree - James Horner
11. Shutting Down Grace's Lab - James Horner
12. Gathering All The Na'vi Clans For Battle - James Horner
13. War - James Horner
14. I See You [Theme From Avatar] - Leona Lewis


Quotes From Avatar:

Neytiri: You are Omaticaya now. You may make your bow from the wood of Hometree. And you may choose a woman. We have many fine women. Ninat is the best singer.
Jake Sully: I don't want Ninat.
Neytiri: Peyral is a good hunter.
Jake Sully: Yes, she is a good hunter. But I've already chosen. But this woman must also choose me.
Neytiri: She already has.
... They kiss ...

Jake Sully: Look, I know you probably don't undertstand this... but, thank you.
Neytiri Ignores him
Jake Sully: Thank you.
Jake Sully: That was pretty impressive. I would have been screwed if you hadn't come along.
... Neytiri stands up and leaves. Jake follows her ...
Jake Sully: Hey, wait a second! Where are you going? Wait up! Just, hey, slow down! I just wanted to say thanks for killing those things...
... Neytiri hits him with her bow ...
Jake Sully: AH!Damn!
Neytiri: Don't thank. You don't thank for this! This is sad. Very sad only.
Jake Sully: Okay, okay. I'm sorry. Whatever I did, I'm sorry.
Neytiri: All this is your fault. They did not need to die.
Jake Sully: My fault? They attacked me! How am I the bad guy?
Neytiri: Your fault! Your fault.
Jake Sully: Easy. Easy...
Neytiri: You are like a baby. Making noise, don't know what to do.
Jake Sully: Fine. If you loved your little forest friends... why not let them kill me? What's the thinking?
Neytiri: Why save you?
Jake Sully: Yeah, why save me?
Neytiri: You have a strong heart. No fear. But stupid! Ignorant like a child!
Jake Sully: Well, if I'm like a child, then maybe you should teach me.
Neytiri: Sky People can not learn, you do not see.
Jake Sully: Then teach me how to see.
Neytiri: No one can teach you to see.

Jake Sully: The skypeople has sent us a message. That they can take whatever they want, and no one can stop them. But we will send them a message. You ride out as fast as wings can carry you, you tell the other clans to come, you tell them Toruk Makto calls to them, and you fly now, with me,brothers, sisters, and we will show the sk... y people, that they cannot take whatever they want. That this... this is our land!

Jake Sully: Well, uh, I guess this is my last video log. Whatever happens tonight, either way, I'm not going to be coming back to this place. Well, I guess I better go. I don't wanna be late for my own party. It's my birthday, after all. This is Jake Sully signing off.

Trudy Chacon: We're going up against gunships with bows and arrows.
Jake Sully: Well, I guess we better stop him.

Jake Sully: The way I had it figured, Toruk is the baddest cat in the sky. Nothing attacks him. So why would he ever look up?


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