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Let me be the Reason for the Teardrops on your Guitar Part 1

Let me be the Reason for the Teardrops on your Guitar Part 1 | 2


He was the guy that didn’t catch anyone’s attention, had no attractive features and was the worst looking guy available in my whole batch. He was the guy that put on weight after his cancer treatments, who had a lot of white hairs at the age of seventeen, combed his hair like a seventy-eight years old grandfather. He was also the nerdy fat guy that carried his red and blue coloured bag that looked like a rag on his back and wore an ugly pair of sandals to classes. He grabbed no one's attention but mine. Despite his looks, he snatched my heart away.

I was in my second last year in high school when he saw me hanging out with my boyfriend whom I was with for four years. All year round, he never talked to me as he sat in the corner of the class. He was absent from classes for a few months due to his lymph cancer treatment. At the end of the year, I broke up with my boyfriend and I talked to him. There was a change in the class sitting arrangement and deep down in my heart, I wanted to sit next to this ugly looking guy. However, I only managed to sit right behind him. I knew I like him at first sight.

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Things got better between us. We shared a lot of stories and he gave me answers during exams. Since then, my liking for him increased. I never knew how to play chess and he was the state player for chess. Our school won many chess games just because he was on our side. One day, I summoned my courage and wrote him a letter when he went for a chess competition. He was on chemotherapy but he never gave up even though he was on the brink of dying. I wrote him some bible verses and a short note in the letter to encourage him in his fight against his illness and for the competition.

The end of the year came too soon. We wished each other farewell and happy holidays. Deep inside me, I was falling in love with him. He was the only one person that was close to me and was willing to share his food with me. I remembered an incident where he caught me staring when he took his buns out to eat. He looked at me and gave me a bun. I was smiling throughout the whole day because of his bun. He also gave me copies of books which I still have now.


When I went back to high school for my last year, I found out he was still in my class and I was delighted. I was glad as I knew that he was still on treatment during the holidays. He came back to school a few weeks later. I was very glad that he came back and thanked God for keeping him alive. He seemed to be responding well to the treatment because he seemed to have more hair. I made it a point to treasure him. During a night class, I grabbed a chair and sat in front of him after pretending to take my books from my locker which was just next to his table.

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I had a two hours plus conversation with him about he was coping with his illness. He told me how painful it was, the endless terrible therapy sessions and how he finally got cured. I know I sound stupid but I couldn't stop staring at his eyes. I could see the pain in him and I wanted to share that burden.
When it was time to part, I tapped his arm and said, "Everything is going to be fine, you just have to have trust in the Lord".

Let me be the Reason for the Teardrops on your Guitar Part 1 | 2


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