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Free Love Quotes

Free Love Quotes Part 1


One word frees us of
all the weight and pain in life.
That word is love.

I know that the best things in life are free,
but why do the next best things
cost so much?

No one can change a person,
but a person can be
the reason someone changes.

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Love will come and take a hold of you,
celebrate with you for a brief moment,
then move on. When that happens,
some people try to grasp the love
and continue holding on,
refusing to see that
it is a gift that is freely given
and just as freely moves away.

Love isn't love until we share it,
but the real fulfillment in life
is finding love and sharing
it with someone who can freely
and without any conflict love us
faithfully in return.

Love flies, runs, and rejoices;
it is free and nothing can hold it back

Love is not a protective cage
but the gift of wings
that allows another to fly free.


Loving is not a free gift;
whoever loves wants to be loved in return.

Love is always bestowed as a gift
- freely, willingly, and without expectation.
We don't love to be loved;
we love to love.

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Free love?
As if love is anything but free.
Man has bought brains,
but all the millions in the world
have failed to buy love

Love is my free will,
to sacrifice my own life
for the one I truly love.

Tonight I feel like a prisoner on fire,
waiting desperately...
denied, sentenced forever more.
Only your love can set me free.

Love is an eruption of feelings
buried within a heart longing to break free!

Friendship is an unselfish love
that gives and receives freely.

Free Love Quotes Part 1


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