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First Love Quotes

First Love Quotes Part 1


First love is a kind of vaccination
which saves a man
from catching the complaint
the second time.

Wait for the one you love...
not the one who found you first.

A man always remembers
his first love with special tenderness,
but after that he begins to bunch them.

Why is it, when you're looking
for that someone,
you find no one,
but, once you find it,
a lot more choices start showing up?
But, if you leave that first love,
then, they all start drifting away?
Is that love's way of testing
your true feelings or to see
if you're ready for love?

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First love, with its frantic haughty imagination,
swings its object clear of the everyday,
over the rut of living,
making him all looks,
silences, gestures, attitudes,
a burning phrase with no context

Love - a wildly misunderstood
although highly desirable
malfunction of the heart
which weakens the brain,
causes eyes to sparkle,
cheeks to glow,
blood pressure to rise
and the lips to pucker.


Starlight, star bright
he was my first kiss tonight;
Wish I am, wish I might have
this guy for the rest of my life.

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Men never are consoled for their first love,
nor women for their last

The moment I heard my
first love story I started looking for you...
not knowing how blind that was.
Lovers don't finally meet somewhere,
they're in each other all along.

Like an old photograph
Time can make a feeling fade
But the memory of a first love
Never fades away.

First Love Quotes Part 1


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