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The Fairytale Part 2

The Fairytale Part 1 | 2


One evening, he went back into the garden and sat with the sceptre in his hand. He was hoping to see her again. He looked at the sceptre and asked to see the woman again as his second wish. He stood up and looked around waiting for her to walk out from the forest. Unlike the first wish, there was neither a glow of light nor vibration of the sceptre. He waited patiently until midnight and she still did not appear. He grew tired and headed back into the castle.

As he lay on his bed, a cool wind blew the curtains apart, revealing the figure of a woman. She stepped into the room and walked slowly towards him. He sat up in his bed and she floated into his arms. This time, she wasn’t wearing the garment that hid her face and contours of her body. Instead, she was wearing a white chiffon gown that revealed her beautiful copper complexion. Her hair was long and black and they flowed with the thickness of softened wool. She was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. She reached up and softly kissed his lips. They made love into the morning light. He learned that her name was Cadeera.

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The Prince fell madly in love with the mysterious Cadeera and wanted to marry her. He thought she was the one. However Cadeera had a secret that she did not want the Prince to know. She thought he would no longer want her if he knew who she really was. When the birds chirped a song to welcome the morning, Cadeera knew it was time for her to go. The Prince begged her to stay, but she insisted on leaving. She told him that she loved him and he would see her again soon.

Cadeera made her way through the forest as she did before. Unknown to her, the Prince was following behind. The Prince watched her walked to the edge of the sea. He could not believe his eyes when he saw her walked waist deep into the water and her legs slowly transformed into the tail of a fish as she floated on her back. She dived into the water and disappeared into the waves with a flip of her tail. The prince looked in amazement. He had heard of legends about Mermen and Mermaids but he had always thought they were just myths told to children as bedtime stories. How could he marry her now? He still loved her but how could she become part of his world?

When the Prince returned to the castle, he informed the King and Queen that he has already chosen a wife but there would be some complications. He told them she was a Mermaid. The King and Queen looked at their son in bewilderment. However, they trusted the Prince. They knew he had never lied to them and they could see that their son loved this woman deeply.

That night, Cadeera returned to the Prince again. After they made love, the Prince told her that he had followed her after she left the last time. He knew who and what she was. Cadeera became frightened because the Prince knew the truth. Before the Prince could tell her he loved her and wanted to marry her, she jumped up and ran away. The Prince chased after her but before he could catch up with her, she transformed and leaped into the waves of the sea. The Prince was heartbroken as he was afraid that he had lost her forever.

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Prince Adiere would go back to the beach in the day and stay in his garden in the night hoping that Cadeera would appear, but she never did. With every passing day, he became weaker. Soon, he fell into a deep depression and became very ill. The King and Queen tried everything to nurse the young Prince back to health but it seemed that he had no will to live. The King and Queen gathered at the Prince's bedside and began to pray as it became certain he was dying. They held the Prince's hand till late evening. The Prince's breathing became very shallow at midnight and the Queen began to cry.

Suddenly, a cool wind blew open the curtains and Cadeera appeared in the shadows. She walked over to the bed, kneeled down, took the Prince's hand and began to cry. The Prince slowly opened his eyes and called out her name. He looked at her and told her he loved her and wanted her to be his Queen in a weak voice. He reached for the sceptre next to his bed. However, he was too weak to hold it. Cadeera put it in his hand and held her hands over his. The Prince asked for Cadeera to be human as his third wish. He reached for her and they kissed. A beautiful bright blue aura surrounded them and slowly engulfed the entire room.

The Prince recovered fully in a few days. The King and Queen invited everyone in the kingdom to attend the wedding for the Prince and his new bride. It was the most beautiful wedding in the Kingdom. Prince Adiere and Princess Cadeera lived happily ever after.

The Fairytale Part 1 | 2


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