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A Cinderella Story



Release Date: July 16, 2004

Runtime: 95 min

Language: English

Tagline: Once upon a time... can happen any time.

Director: Mark Rosman

Who's In It:

Hilary Duff as Sam
Jennifer Coolidge as Fiona
Chad Michael Murray as Austin Ames
Dan Byrd as Carter
Regina King as Rhonda
Julie Gonzalo as Shelby
Lin Shaye as Mrs. Wells
Madeline Zima as Brianna
Paul Rodriguez as Bobby
Whip Hubley as Sam's Dad
Kevin Kilner as Austin's Dad
Erica Hubbard as Madison

Soundtrack / Songs: A Cinderella Story - Haylie Duff, Various Artists, Hilary Duff - Soundtracks - 2004

1. Our Lips Are Sealed - Hilary Duff & Haylie Duff
2. Crash World - Hilary Duff
3. Best Day Of My Life - Jesse McCartney
4. One In This World - Haylie Duff
5. Sympathy - Goo Goo Dolls
6. First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life - MxPx
7. Girl Can Rock - Hilary Duff
8. Beautiful Soul - Jesse McCartney (exclusive new re-mix)
9. To Make You Feel My Love - Josh Kelley
10. Now You Know - Hilary Duff
11. Friend - Kaitlyn
12. Fallen - Mya
13. I’ll Be - Edwin McCain
14. Anywhere But Here - Hilary Duff


Quotes From A Cinderella Story:

Sam: I'm late
Austin: For what?
Sam: Reality.

Sam: And lived happily ever after, at least for now, hey I'm only a freshman.

Fiona: People go to school to get smarter, so that they can get a job. You already have a job, so it's like skipping a step.

Austin: Shelby, we really need to talk... privately.
Shelby: Anything you say to me, you can say in front of my peeps.
Austin: Okay. I want to break up.

Austin: You need a wax.
Sam: Excuse me?
Laughing Austin: I meant the car.

Shelby: What can I get that has no carbs, no sugar, and is fat free?
Sam: Uh, water.


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