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Your Highness


Release Date: April 8, 2011

Runtime: 102 min

Language: English

Tagline: This spring, prepare for their excellency.

Director: David Gordon Green

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Who's In It:

Zooey Deschanel as Belladonna
James Franco as Fabious
Danny McBride as Thadeous
Natalie Portman as Isabel
Justin Theroux as Leezar
Caroline Grace-Cassidy as Handmaiden
Ben Wright as Dastardly

Soundtrack / Songs: Your Highness - Soundtrack - Steve Jablonsky - 2011

1. Let Us Quest!
2. Isabel the Strong
3. Goodbye My Tinys
4. Best Man
5. The Greatest Most Beautifullest Love Song in All the Land
6. The Virgin Is Plucked
7. Not in My Castle
8. Leezar's Date, Belladonna's Hate
9. Playful Secrets!
10. Mean Knights and Horsies O' My!
11. Here Come the Marteetee
12. A Fistful of Snakes
13. Isabel Thrashes
14. Muldiss Darton, City of Lore
15. The Same Betrayal as Before
16. Labyrinths and Humps
17. Kill-Trophy and the Warrior's Birth
18. The Effening
19. Tis I, Thadeous the Hero
20. Heroes Unite
21. Orgy of Violence
22. 'Til We Meet Again
23. Way of the Warriors
24. Thadeous - Steve Jablonsky

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Quotes From Your Highness:

Leezar: I'm here to steal a beautiful virgin that looks just. Like. Her.
Fabious: And how do you plan to do that?
Leezar: Magic.
Leezar: Motherfucker.

Belladonna: How are you going to make me love you?
Leezar: If your vagina is anything like my hand, there will be no problem.

Isabel: Thaddeus, I have not been able to stop thinking of you.
Thadeous: What a coincidence. I was just about to finish thinking of you.

Courtney: SHIT!
Fabious: You have to suck out the venom!
Thadeous: I don't want to do it, you do it!
Fabious: I can't suck my own venom!
Thadeous: Yes you can! I'll help you!
Thadeous: Suck it! Suck your venom!
Fabious: I can't reach it with my mouth!
Thadeous: Courtney, suck the venom!
Courtney: But I've never...
Thadeous: SUCK IT!

Thadeous: I shouldn't even be here! I will probably die on this quest, and Courtney definitely will!


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