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When I first met you,
I never thought you'd
be the one who would give me
the feeling that
everything is right when your around,
or that feeling that makes me lose
my words everytime you smile at me.
I never expected you to be the one
who I'd be thinking about each day,
or the one who'd I always look forward
to seeing the next day.
I've tried my hardest
to fight these feelings...
but I can't. I just can't.
Because what I've realized
is that out of everyone
I've met in this world,
you are the only one who can
give me these feelings everyday.
And I'm hoping that some day
or even just for a second,
that I can give these exact same feelings to you,
so I could mean this much to you...
as you have meant to me each day.

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For some reason,
I just can't figure out which one I'm in love with...
you or the memories...

Scientifically speaking,
To grow a bigger and stronger muscle,
you must first work it out.
Then the muscle tears,
and in place of it grows a new muscle
that is bigger and stronger.
Technically speaking,
the heart is a muscle.


Two hearts, two minds, in time did find
one love, one aim two paths the same.
Hold fast... and love will last...

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There is seemingly so little love shared in this world,
it is not surprising that we ask,
"Where have all the lovers gone?"
Since love is the most vital energy
for good that is within our power to utilize,
it is puzzling why we so seldom do so.
Love is just a useless, abstract idea
until we put it into action...
unless we are always actively
living in love, we are not utilizing the greatest gift we have
been given and which we, in turn, have to offer...

Xanga Love Quotes Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5


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