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Win A Date With Tad Hamilton


Release Date: January 23, 2004

Runtime: 95 min

Language: English

Tagline: In every love story, there's only room for one leading man.

Director: Robert Luketic

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Who's In It:

Kate Bosworth as Rosalee Futch
Topher Grace as Pete Monash
Josh Duhamel as Tad Hamilton
Nathan Lane as Richard Levy the Driven
Sean Hayes as Richard Levy the Shameless
Gary Cole as Henry Futch
Ginnifer Goodwin as Cathy Feely
Kathryn Hahn as Angelica
Octavia Spencer as Janine
Amy Smart as Nurse Betty
Stephen Tobolowsky as George Ruddy

Soundtrack / Songs: Win a Date With Tad Hamilton - Various Artists - Soundtracks - 2004

1. Superfabulous - BT McGowan
2. Special - Wilshire
3. Some Days - Wheat
4. More Bounce in Colifornia - Soul Kid #1
5. Why Can't I? - Liz Phair
6. Back to You - John Mayer
7. Something About You - Five for Fighting
8. Days Go By - Jason Wade
9. Leading With My Heart - Alice Peacock
10. Blue - Thorns
11. Waiting - Kyle Riabko
12. I Won't Go Hollywood - Bleu
13. Somebody - Bonnie McKee
14. Shining - Kristian Leontiou
15. Once Again - Frankie Jordan

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Quotes From Win A Date With Tad Hamilton:

Rosalee: You have five smiles Pete. One when you think someone an idiot. One when you think someone's REALLY an idiot. One when you're singing to Barry White. One when you're getting all dressed up. And one when you're looking at me.

Angelica: Rosalee, when great love is rejected something in a man dies.

Rosalee: Do you think it is possible to love someone your entire life and never realize it?

Pete: I'm telling you, she is more of a treasure than you could possibly know. She is not just some wholesome, small town girl, some like, good for you breath of fresh air. Tad, she is a wonderful person with a huge heart. And the kind of beauty that a guy only sees once, you know? Once! So Tad, if there is even a chance that you could break her heart, please, just for her sake, walk away man.
Tad: I could never break Rosalee's heart, ok?
Pete: Good. Because if you do I swear to God I will tear you to pieces with my bare hands. Or vicious rhetoric.
Tad: You're a good guy Pete.
Pete: Well yes. Apparently not good enough.

Richard Levy show Ted Hamiliton a cover tabloid story: Congratulations. You're actually drinking, driving, smoking, leering and groping at the same time.
Richard Levy the Shameless: Which on one hand, is just about the coolest thing ever...
Richard Levy the Shameless: ...but on the other hand, maybe isn't so great for the image.

Tad: Yeah, Pete told me if I ever hurt you; that he would tear me to pieces with his bare hands or with his rhetoric.
Rosalee: Pete told you if you hurt me, he would tear you to pieces with his bare hands or with his rhetoric? That is so... adorable.


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