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What Dreams May Come


Release Date: December 18, 1992

Runtime: 113 min

Language: English

Tagline: After life there is more. The end is just the beginning.

Director: Vincent Ward

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Who's In It:

Robin Williams as Chris Nielsen
Cuba Gooding Jr. as Albert Lewis
Annabella Sciorra as Annie Collins-Nielsen
Max von Sydow as The Tracker
Jessica Brooks Grant as Marie Nielsen
Josh Paddock as Ian Nielsen
Rosalind Chao as Leona
Lucinda Jenney as Mrs. Jacobs
Maggie McCarthy as Stacey Jacobs
Carin Sprague as Best Friend Cindy

Soundtrack / Songs: What Dreams May Come (1999 Film) - Michael Kamen - Soundtracks

1. I Once Met This Beautiful Girl By A Lake/That Was The Last Time We Saw The Children Alive
2. Children's Melody/Tunnel Crash/Christy's Death/The Journey Begins/I Still Exist/Annie Loses Faith
3. Summerland--The Painted World/The Painted Bird Flies/Christy Flies
4. Marie's World (Leona Is Marrie)
5. Longing (Lost Children)
6. Annie's Suicide/Soul Mates
7. In Hell/Stormy Seas/Recognition (Albert Is Ian)
8. Sea Of Faces/Falling Through Hell/Annie's Room
9. Beside You/Divorce
10. Together In Hell/Death And Transfiguration/Together In Heaven
11. Reunited/Reincarnation/When I Was Young
12. Beside You - Mick Hucknell/Mark Snow

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Quotes From What Dreams May Come:

Chris Nielsen: I need Annie.
Albert: That'll change in time.
Chris Nielsen: Oh, come on Einstein ! Time's not on my watch anymore. Time does not exist here. And wherever it went, it's not going to make me need Annie any less.

Chris Nielsen: A whole human life is just a heartbeat here in Heaven. Then we'll all be together forever.

Leona: Where were you just now? Your mind's been wondering all afternoon.
Chris Nielsen: Thinking of someone.


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