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The Vampire Love Story Part 1

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"Mommy," the little girl cried out with her arms in the air.
"Please just tell me one story."
The older woman stopped near the door and looked at her daughter with tired eyes. She walked back to her daughter's bed with a sigh. She kneeled on the hard wooden floor and rested her chin on the side of the bed.

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"Which story, my dearest?"
She ran her pale fingers through her daughter's silky brown hair which was nearly identical to her own.
"I want to listen to the story where the vampire fell in love with a human."
The woman's eyes flashed with pain.
"Honey… Haven't you heard that one enough times?"
"Please mommy?"

Her mother paused when she saw the pleading look in her daughter's eyes. They were full of innocence and love. The little girl’s belief in love was touching but it hurt the mother inside to admit that she had once succumbed to that side of herself and it had ended in misery.

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"Please? Just one more time?"
The woman felt her resolve shatter.
"Fine, just one more time."
She crawled herself into the small bed.
"Okay, so where do I start?"
She grinned at the little girl.
"I'm sure you know the story better than I do."
That was a solid lie. No one knew the story better than herself.
"Ooh, start with…"
The girl sat up straighter wearing a smile on her porcelain face.
"Once upon a time, in a small rainy town…"

The Vampire Love Story Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4


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