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Valentines Day Gifts for Him


Guys love gadgets and you can satisfy his thirst for it through buying the latest, mp3 player, handphone, laptops, surround sound system, etc just to get his attention off you for once.

Get him a fast car for this valentine's day. Although it might be out of your budget, you can always rent a fast car just to give him the kick of driving it around for a day.

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Wrap yourself in a huge box with nothing but sexy lingerie, give him a ring to come and collect this present personally so he'll be able to find his most sexy present ever.

Diamond studs are for the new metrosexual men. Get him diamond studs so he can show off around today!

The way to a guy is through his stomach. cook him a sumptuous dinner of his favourite food and enjoy it under a candlelight dinner. If you don't know how to cook, Learn! He'll certainly appreciate it. It is also definitely cheaper eating out on a Valentine's Day.

Everybody likes customised gifts. Get your man customised engraved gifts ranging from watches, photo frames, pens, cuff links, card holders, mugs, baseball bats, pocket tools, travel gear, glassware, swiss army knives, money clips, keychains etc.
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Be a slave for the day! Role play as a servent to your guy for the whole day serving all his needs and making sure he gets attended to at every reqquest.

Get your guy the latest game consoles such as the PS3 or the nintendo Wii. He'll love it!

Get tickets for his favourite sports match and give it to him on Valentine's day!

(Only for the very liberal) Invite another girl to join in for a threesome romp this valentine's day.

Play sports with him and the loser will have to grant the winner anything he (You'll definitely lose) wishes!


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