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Unconditional Love Quotes

Unconditional Love Quotes Part 1


But groundless hope,
like unconditional love,
is the only kind worth having.

Give love and unconditional acceptance
to those you encounter,
and notice what happens.

Learn to love yourself unconditionally
before accepting unconditional love!

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To see unconditional love
look to the eyes of a child.

Love is supreme and unconditional;
like is nice but limited.

Love is the unconditional need
to conform to what your partner wants,
but never having to.

The ultimate lesson all of us
have to learn is unconditional love,
which includes not only others
but ourselves as well

Love is letting go of it all
and having it return to you unconditionally.

The only love worthy
of a name is unconditional.

Love is an unconditional commitment
to an imperfect person.

When you have loved unconditionally
one man and lost that love,
it leaves a wound that never heals,
a sad and broken heart, a void forever.


Attachment is forbidden.
Possession is forbidden.
Compassion, which
I would define as unconditional love,
is essential to a Jedi's life.
So, you might say
that we are encouraged to love.

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True love is unconditional and everlasting,
it is established over time
and validated with memories of the past.

Love is everything ...
it's life itself, never ending,
unconditional and never the same.

Love is a force that connects us
to every strand of the universe,
an unconditional state
that characterizes human nature,
a form of knowledge
that is always there for us
if only we can open ourselves to it

Unconditional Love Quotes Part 1


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