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Will Power


A minister had just finished giving a lecture on marriage at the local community center when he was approached by three couples. Impressed by his presentation, the couples asked if they could join his church.

"Are you married?" The minister inquired of them.
Each couple assured him that they were, and again, asked if they could become members of his congregation.
"Well, I am impressed by your sincerity," the minister responded.
"But I need to know that you are serious about your commitment to spiritual discipline. So to prove this, you must pass a test."

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"We'll do anything."
All three couples insisted.
"All right."
He explained, "Then here is your test. You must practice total abstinence from marital intimacy for three weeks."
The couples agreed and left, promising to return at the end of that time.

Three weeks later, the three couples met the minister in his study at the church.
"I'm glad to see you again." The minister began.
Turning to the first couple, he asked, "Well, how did you two do?"
"We've been married for almost thirty years." The husband answered.
"So it was no problem."
"Splendid!" Exclaimed the minister.
"Welcome to my church."

Then he looked towards the second couple and asked them how they had done with the test.
"Well I must admit it wasn't easy."
Explained the wife, "You see we've only been married for five years, so we were tempted, but we didn't give in and I'm happy to say we lasted the whole three weeks."
"Good for you!" The minister responded with a smile.
"Welcome to my church."


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The minister then turned to the third couple, who were newlyweds.
"And you?" He asked gently.
"How did you do with the test?"
"Well pastor, I can't lie to you."
The husband began, "We were both doing okay until this morning right after breakfast when my wife bent over to pick up a box of cereal she'd dropped on the floor. We both reached down to pick it up at the same time and our hands touched. Suddenly, we were so overcome with passion that we gave in to our desires right then and there!"

"I appreciate your honesty." The minister said to the couple.
"But you did fail the test, and I'm afraid I just can't let you come to my church."
"That's okay, pastor." The man answered.
"We aren't allowed back in that supermarket anymore either."

By Barbara De Angelis, Ph.D.


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