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The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement


Release Date: August 11, 2004

Runtime: 113 min

Language: English

Tagline: You are cordially invited to the royal event of the season. R.S.V.P. This Summer

Director: Garry Marshall

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Who's In It:

Anne Hathaway as Mia Thermopolis
Julie Andrews as Queen Clarisse Renaldi
Hector Elizondo as Joe
John Rhys-Davies as Viscount Mabrey
Heather Matarazzo as Lilly Moscovitz
Chris Pine as Nicholas Devereaux
Callum Blue as Andrew Jacoby
Tom Poston as Lord Palimore
Joel McCrary as Prime Minister Motaz
Kim Thomson as Reporter Elsie
Raven as Asana
Larry Miller as Paolo
Caroline Goodall as Mia's Mom Helen
Sean O'Bryan as Mia's Stepfather Patrick

Soundtrack / Songs: The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement - Various Artists, Raven - Soundtracks - 2004

1. Breakaway - Kelly Clarkson
2. I Decide - Lindsay Lohan
3. This Is My Time - Raven
4. I Always Get What I Want - Avril Lavigne
5. Trouble - Pink
6. Because You Live - Jesse McCartney
7. Love Me Tender - Norah Jones
8. Fun In The Sun - Steve Harwell
9. Let's Bounce - Christy Carlson Romano
10. Dance, Dance, Dance - Wilson Phillips
11. Fools - Rachel Stevens
12. A Love That Will Last - Renee Olstead
13. Your Crowning Glory - Julie Andrews
14. Miracles Happen - Jonny Blu

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Quotes From The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement:

Nicholas Devereaux: Rapunzel, Rapunzel, with hair so fine. Come out your window, climb down the vine.
Mia Thermopolis: The feat you ask, dear sir, isn't easy. And I won't respond to that line, it's far too cheesy.

Mia Thermopolis: Welcome. A few moments ago, I realized the only reason I was getting married was because of a law, and that didn't seem like a good enough reason. So, I won't be getting married today. My grandmother has ruled without a man at her side for quite some time, and... I think she rocks at it. So, as the granddaughter of Queen Clarisse and King Rupert...
Congregation: King Rupert, may he rest in peace!
Mia Thermopolis: I ask the members of Parliament to think about your daughters, your nieces, and sisters, and granddaughters, and ask yourselves: would you force them to do what you're trying to make me do? I believe I will be a great queen. I understand Genovia to be a land that combines the beauty of the past with all the best hope of the future. I feel in my heart and soul that I can rule Genovia. I... I love Genovia. Do you think that I would be up here in a wedding dress if I didn't? I stand here ready to take my place as your queen. Without a husband.

Nicholas Devereaux: I haven't danced with you since your birthday.
Mia Thermopolis: That's a fact, not a secret.
Nicholas Devereaux: The secret is, I still want to.

Nicholas Devereaux: Tell me your greatest desires.
Mia Thermopolis: Tell me a secret.
Nicholas Devereaux: Isn't that the same thing?
Mia Thermopolis: Almost, but anyone can see your desires. No one knows what's in your heart.

Mia Thermopolis: I look like a moose.
Paolo: But a very cute moose. Make all the boy moose go 'WHAAAAA.'


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