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The Piano


Release Date: November 12, 1993

Runtime: 121 min

Language: English / Maori

Director: Jane Campion

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Who's In It:

Holly Hunter as Ada McGrath
Harvey Keitel as George Baines
Sam Neill as Alisdair Stewart
Anna Paquin as Flora McGrath
Kerry Walker as Aunt Morag
Cliff Curtis as Mana

Soundtrack / Songs: The Piano: Original Music From The Film - Soundtrack - Michael Nyman - 1993

1. To The Edge Of The Earth
2. Big My Secret
3. A Wild and Distant Shore
4. The Heart Asks Pleasure First (From 'the Piano')
5. Here To There
6. The Promise
7. A Bed Of Ferns
8. The Fling
9. The Scent Of Love
10. Deep Into The Forest
11. The Mood That Passes Through You
12. Lost and Found
13. The Embrace
14. Little Impulse
15. The Sacrifice
16. I Clipped Your Wing
17. The Wounded
18. All Imperfect Things
19. Dreams Of A Journey

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Quotes From The Piano:

Ada: At night! I think of my piano in its ocean grave, and sometimes of myself floating above it. Down there everything is so still and silent that it lulls me to sleep. It is a weird lullaby and so it is; it is mine.

George Baines: I want to lie together without clothes on.

Ada: The voice you hear is not my speaking voice---but my mind's voice. I have not spoken since I was six years old. No one knows why---not even me. My father says it is a dark talent, and the day I take it into my head to stop breathing will be my last. Today he married me to a man I have not yet met. Soon my daughter and I shall join him in his own country. My husband writes that my muteness does not bother him--and hark this! He says, "God loves dumb creatures, so why not I?" 'Twere good he had God's patience, for silence affects everyone in the end. The strange thing is, I don't think myself silent. That is because of my piano. I shall miss it on the journey.


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