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The Messenger


Release Date: November 13, 2009

Runtime: 105 min

Language: English / Spanish

Tagline: No known tagline.

Director: Oren Moverman

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Who's In It:

Ben Foster as Staff Sergeant Will Montgomery
Jena Malone as Kelly
Woody Harrelson as Captain Tony Stone
Eamonn Walker as Colonel Stuart Dorsett
Yaya DaCosta as Monica Washington
Portia as Mrs. Burrell
Lisa Joyce as Emily
Steve Buscemi as Dale Martin

Soundtrack / Songs: No known soundtracks yet.

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Quotes From The Messenger:

Olivia Pitterson: Why don't you come inside. You can give me your address, and I'll write you a letter.
Staff Sergeant Will Montgomery: I'd like that.

Staff Sergeant Will Montgomery: Why did you join?
Captain Tony Stone: A dare.
Staff Sergeant Will Montgomery: A dare? Why are you still here?
Captain Tony Stone: Well, they offered me a commission, and no one dared me to leave.
Captain Tony Stone: And I dare you to stay.

Olivia Pitterson: Did you ever loose anybody?
Staff Sergeant Will Montgomery: Yeah. Friends, over there. My father, during peace time, drunk driver.
Olivia Pitterson: Did they catch him?
Staff Sergeant Will Montgomery: No, my father was the drunk driver.

Captain Tony Stone: If she's into you, she's into some weird shit.
Staff Sergeant Will Montgomery: Thank you, sir, I'll make a note of that.

Captain Tony Stone: Men are the ones that try harder to keep it together. They also can hurt you.

Captain Tony Stone: You gotta wake the fuck up! You're not in high school, you're not in a fuckin' rock band, you're in the Army.
Staff Sergeant Will Montgomery: Yeah, I know. I know I'm in the Army. I gave blood to the Army. I got blown up in a fire-fight that lasted longer than your entire war. I didn't sunbath in Kuwait with the rest of the POGs.


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