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Sweet Chocolate Part 1

Sweet Chocolate Part 1 | 2


“I can’t believe he broke up with me…” I told myself while I was alone in a small dark corner of the library.
I was looking down at him through the library window. Edward was still as handsome as ever. I remember the feelings that I used to get when I looked at him. The joy, love and the giddy feeling I felt inside. However, that was before. That was when he was my guy.

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But now, that love I felt in my heart was covered with pain. My heart aches for him. He was my first love. I often dreamt about a future together. I couldn’t imagine myself without him. However, I guess I have to move on with life. We are not a couple now. We are two different separate individuals. How can he just fall out of love when I was doing everything I can for our relationship? Are all boys like that?

I blinked my eyes. I didn’t want to cry. It would be really embarrassing if someone see me crying over a guy. I should not cry. Well at least not in this secluded part of the library. I would look emotional and pathetic... But isn’t that the truth? My boyfriend just broke up with me because of some other girl that he is attracted to. I wanted to stop my tears from falling. But I couldn’t help it. I succumbed to my trembling knees and sat down. I covered my face with both hands and cried.
“Weak, weak, weak.” I heard my interior monologue mocking me.
Yeah. I can't help it. I'm heartbroken.

I heard a masculine voice voiced out. He sounded as sarcastic as my interior monologue. I raised my head to see where that familiar voice came from. Then, I saw Richard. He’s my classmate at some of my subjects.

“Okay. This is embarrassing.” I said out loud while wiping my tears.
“Please don’t tell anyone that you saw me here.” I asked him.
“Sure, tough girl.” He answered and sat down at a chair across mine.
I saw the book that he was holding. The title was ‘Chocolate in 101 Ways’. I couldn’t help but be shocked at seeing this tough guy reading a chocolate recipe cookbook. As I continue to observe him, I saw him took something out from his bag and handed it over to me. I looked at what it was.


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“Chocolate?” I clarified.
He nodded.
“What’s that for?”
For you to eat. Duh. My interior self told me.
I mean. Why would he give that to me?
“For you to eat.” He answered with no fuss.
Then I heard my mean self laugh sarcastically. That was obviously a silly question. I felt my cheeks warming up. This is really embarrassing. He gave me a really sweet smile.
“The chocolates are sweet right?”
I nodded. I was silently trying to tell my body to act normally. I'm blushing badly. If he asks, I’ll blame it on my hormones!

Sweet Chocolate Part 1 | 2


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