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Sixty Days Part 1

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"Thank you so much, I think you're the only reason why I'm still alive." Serene said as she held my right hand.
Tears were falling down my cheeks. I couldn't help but cry as I watch my first love fight for her life on the bed. I could still remember how she changed my life.


"Michael!" My mom screamed as she pushed me off the road.
The next thing I know, my dad was holding my mom in his arms. Her white dress was covered with blood. I couldn't do anything and my body trembled so hard that I couldn't stand. My mom died in that accident. After that accident, my dad stopped talking to me. I think he blamed me for what happened. I grew up a lonely child. Whenever I'm sad, I would play my guitar. It was my only friend.

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One proposition changed my life. A girl living in a mansion invited me to tutor her to play the guitar for sixty days. My salary would be Php 10,000 a day. Initially, I thought that it was a prank but after assurance about the offer from her bodyguard, I decided to accept it.

When I entered her mansion, I saw a beautiful lady about my age sitting in a wheelchair. Her beauty was beyond comparison. However her lips were pale and she looks thin and frail.

I knew that there was something special about her the moment I see her. I talked to her and was shocked when I found out that she’s going to take guitar lessons from me. To be honest, I'm glad because I admire her.

I got my guitar and started teaching her the basics. She was a fast learner and she could play the guitar after only fifteen days. I was quite sad when I realized that my contract of sixty days was going to end soon.

One day, she told me her story instead of practising on the guitar.


"I never once left this place." She said sadly as she closed her eyes.
"Why?" I asked her trying not to look at her.
For an unexplainable reason, I feel sad whenever I look at her.
She paused for a while.
“My body is weak. Hence, my parents provided everything that I need in this house. I have private tutors for my education and doctors visiting me regularly for checkups."
"That explains why your room looks like a hospital ward." I said.
She smiled at me and my heart skipped a beat. At that point of time, I think that I had fallen for her.

I learned that her body was weak ever since she was a child. Her childhood was sad because she never had a single friend around her age. In fact, I was stunned when she told me that I was her first friend around her age. Despite having a weak body, she was really good at playing musical instruments such as piano, violin, flute and harp. I listened to her play the piano often. I told her that I wanted to learn how to play so she taught me. That was when the student became the teacher.

Her kindness changed me.

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My dad was hospitalized because of an accident and I wasn't able to tutor her for two consecutive weeks. Before I know it, sixty days were almost over and there were only ten days left.

I decided to go to her house without notice to surprise her. I missed her badly and I wanted to see her again. When I reached her mansion, I noticed her maids' sad faces.

"She's really sick, Michael." Her father told me.

I insisted on entering her room to take a look at her. I saw her lying on the bed. There were many medical machines in the room that help to monitor and stabilise her condition.

That was the only thing that I managed to say. I sat on the chair next to her bed and watched her.

"Michael?" A familiar voice called my name.
Her voice was soft and caring. She's my personal angel as she changed my life. She taught me how to appreciate things that I have. Lastly, she taught me how to love.

"Serene, how are you feeling?" I asked as I held her hand.
She took her hand away. I smiled when I saw her blushing. I stared at her but she looked away.
"I'm feeling better." She answered.
I enjoy watching her and I really missed her. However, I have a feeling that she is avoiding me.


Sixty Days Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4


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