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The Words Unsaid Part 2

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That Night

(Telephone rings)
Girl: Hello?
Boy: Hey.
Girl: Oh, hi.
Boy: Why weren't you at school today?
Girl: Uh… I had another doctor’s appointment.
Boy: Are you sick?
Girl: Um… I have to go. My mom's calling me on my other line.
Boy: I’ll wait.
Girl: It may take a while. I’ll call you later.
Boy: Alright, I love you honey.
(Very long pause)
Girl with tears in her eyes: Look, I think we should break up.
Boy: What?
Girl: It’s the best thing for us right now.
Boy: Why?
Girl: I love you.
(Girl hangs telephone with a click)

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The girl doesn’t go to school for three more weeks. She doesn’t answer her phone either.

Boy: Hey dude.
Friend: Hey.
Boy: What’s up?
Friend: Nothing. Hey, have you talked to your ex-girlfriend lately?
Boy: No.
Friend: So you didn’t hear?
Boy: Hear what?
Friend: Um… I don’t know if I should be the one telling you...
Boy: Dude, just tell me!
Friend: Uh... Call this number 433-555-3468.
Boy: Ok.


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Boy calls number after school.

Voice: Hello, Suppam County Hospital. This is Nurse Michelle.
Boy: Uh... I must have the wrong number. I’m looking for my friend.
Voice: What is her name, sir?
(Boy gives information)
Voice: Yes, this is the right number. She is one of our patients here.
Boy: Really? Why? What happened? How is she?
Voice: Her Room Number is 646, Suite 3 in Building A.
Boy: What Happened?!
Voice: Please come by sir and you can see her, goodbye.
Boy: Wait! No!

Boy goes to hospital and to Room Number 646, Suite 3 in Building A. He sees girl lying on hospital bed.

The Words Unsaid Part 1 | 2 | 3


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