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Im Sorry I Love You Poems
Please Forgive Me

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You tell me not to feel so sad,
But then I go and cry.
You tell me, “keep your chin up”
But I feel like I could die.

The worst day of my life
Was when I made that choice.
I need to feel you hold me,
I need to hear your voice.

Can you hear me softly calling?
Can you taste my sour tears?
Do you know how much I love you?
Do you know my biggest fears

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I’m afraid you still don’t love me,
I’m afraid you won’t return.
I’m afraid to show my feelings,
I have this inner burn...

The inferno of my sadness,
They are the fires of death.
They burn here deep within me,
And pierce my every breath.

I wish you would stay with me,
Please, don’t go away.
I need to know you love me,
And I need for you to stay.

I’ll love you for eternity,
I’ll love you for all time.
Just stay forever in my arms,
Again... just, please, be mine.

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Now I know you’re gone for good,
And never coming back.
Now I see I’ve been replaced,
You haven’t lost your knack.

You always could move on so fast,
It crippled me to see.
You could always turn around,
And walk away from me.

You turned back only once to say,
“I will be back, don’t cry.”
You took away my heart and soul,
And now... I fear I’ll die.

You need to come back to me, dear.
I need to hear you say,
“I told you I’d be back sometime,
I’ve loved you till today.”

Robin L. Dumont

Sorry Love Poems Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5


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