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Small Love Quotes

Small Love Quotes Part 1


You have the key to my heart
but don’t take it for granted
I can always change the lock!

Don't be easy to get,
because then you'll be easy to forget.

Love can be one of the smallest words,
but have some of the biggest meanings.

No matter how black the heart becomes
there is always a small light
that will shine through.

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Love doesn’t need any explanation
to prove its existence.

Sometimes someone
says something really small
and it fits right into
this empty place in your heart.

If a man says he loves you he’ll say it.
But if he means it, he’ll show it.

Lock up your heart and throw away the key,
the one to open your heart
is the one that bothered to look for that key.

LOVE - How can such
a small word mean so much?

The smallest word I know is 'I',
the sweetest word I know is 'love',
and the only thing that will
remind me of that will be 'you'.


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You don’t choose who you fall in love with,
I fell in love with an idiot.

The doors of Love often open and shut.
We were a small handful of the lucky ones;
we were lucky to stop the doors
before they closed and look at us now,
and how much our love has grown.

Love is like a drug..
One taste and your addicted!

Happiness looks too small
when you hold it in your hands,
just let it go once,
and you realize how precious it was.

Small Love Quotes Part 1


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