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Shakespeare Love Quotes

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Love is a smoke and
is made with the fume of sighs
William Shakespeare

I love you more than
words can wield the matter,
Dearer than eyesight, space and liberty
William Shakespeare

Love is like a child,
That longs for everything it can come by
William Shakespeare

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Whiat is light, if Sylvia be not seen?
What is joy if Sylvia be not by?
William Shakespeare

Love is blind, and lovers cannot see,
The pretty follies that themselves commit
William Shakespeare

Cupid is a knavsh lad,
thus to make females mad
William Shakespeare

A heart to love, and in that heart,
Courage, to make's love known
William Shakespeare

For where thou art, there is the world itself,
And where thouh art not, desolation
William Shakespeare

You cannot call it love,
for at your age the heyday in the blood is tame
William Shakespeare


She will die if you love her not,
And she will die ere she might make her love known
William Shakespeare

Men have died from time to time,
and worms have eaten them, but not for love
William Shakespeare

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Men's vows are women's traitors
William Shakespeare

Alas, that love, so gentle in his view,
Should be so tyrannous and rough in proof
William Shakespeare

Come what sorrow can,
It cannot countervail the exchange of joy ,
That one short minute gives me in her sight
William Shakespeare

Shakespeare Love Quotes Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5


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