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Release Date: October 5, 2001

Runtime: 90 min

Language: English / French

Tagline: Can Once In A Lifetime Happen Twice?

Director: Peter Chelsom

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Who's In It:

John Cusack as Jonathan Trager
Kate Beckinsale as Sara Thomas
Jeremy Piven as Dean Kansky
Bridget Moynahan as Halley Buchanan

Soundtrack / Songs: Serendipity - Various Artists - Soundtracks - 2001

1. Never A Day - Wood
2. Moonlight Kiss - Bap Kennedy
3. January Rain - David Gray
4. Waiting In Vain - Annie Lennox
5. The Distance - Evan & Jaron
6. Like Lovers Do - Heather Nova
7. When You Know - Shawn Colvin
8. Northern Sky - Nick Drake
9. Cool Yule - Louis Armstrong
10. This Year - Chantal Kreviazuk
11. (There's) Always Something There To Remind Me - Brian Whitman
12. 83 - John Mayer
13. Fast Forward - Alan Silvestri

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Quotes From Serendipity:

Dean: Jonathan Trager, prominent television producer for ESPN, died last night from complications of losing his soul mate and his fiancee. He was 35 years old. Soft-spoken and obsessive, Trager never looked the part of a hopeless romantic. But, in the final days of his life, he revealed an unknown side of his psyche. This hidden quasi-Jungian persona surfaced during the Agatha Christie-like pursuit of his long reputed soul mate, a woman whom he only spent a few precious hours with. Sadly, the protracted search ended late Saturday night in complete and utter failure. Yet even in certain defeat, the courageous Trager secretly clung to the belief that life is not merely a series of meaningless accidents or coincidences. Uh-uh. But rather, its a tapestry of events that culminate in an exquisite, sublime plan. Asked about the loss of his dear friend, Dean Kansky, the Pulitzer Prize-winning author and executive editor of the New York Times, described Jonathan as a changed man in the last days of his life. "Things were clearer for him," Kansky noted. Ultimately Jonathan concluded that if we are to live life in harmony with the universe, we must all possess a powerful faith in what the ancients used to call "fatum", what we currently refer to as destiny.

Jonathan: Let's go do something.
Sara: Alright, what d'ya wanna do?
Jonathan: I don't care.
Sara: Alright, come on.

Jonathan: So are you gonna meet your boyfriend now or what?
Sara: No, I think he's out probably doing what you're doing.
Jonathan: Getting a crush on somebody else's girlfriend? No, I'm sorry, I just meant I had a really nice time. You know, maybe you should give me your phone number. Just in case.
Sara: In case of what?
Jonathan: In case of life. I just had a really great time and for all we know I wouldn't be able to find you again.
Sara: Well, if we're meant to meet again, we'll meet again. it's just not the right time now.
Jonathan: Maybe we're supposed to meet on British time and we're five hours too early.

Jonathan: This is the ultimate blend to drink. How'd you find this place?
Sara: I first came in because of the name: Serendipity. It's one of my favorite words.
Jonathan: It is? Why?
Sara: It's such a nice sounding word for what it means: a fortunate accident.

Eve: You know who plays golf? Guys who are too fat to play tennis, like this guy.

Jonathan: Maybe I am just getting cold feet.
Dean: I'm telling you right now British women do not age well. Eight years ago she was a luscious treat, you know, she probably looked like, you know, Baby Spice, now she could look like...
Jonathan: Old Spice.

Jonathan: I hope you enjoy the gloves you bought yourself.
Sara: Oh, I'm sure I will, I usually enjoy my own thoughtfulness.


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