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Sad Stories About Love
A Racer's Anniversary Part 1

A Racer's Anniversary Part 1 | 2 | 3


It's been three months since we've started dating. Ever since 9th grade, we've always dreamt of being together. I used to give him love letters everyday when we were in high school. I'm in love with one of the best racers in the city. That gives me a good reputation. Well ever since he's got that car, he's been working on it 24/7. We barely have any time together anymore. On our last month anniversary, I bought him a new part for his car. He would always promise that he would get me something better if I wait... So i do. He told me not to buy him anymore things for him as he said it's his job to buy me things so I stopped and waited for our anniversaries.

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- A Month Later
It's August 1st, and its our 4th anniversary. I see this beautiful necklace in a catalog I got in the mail. He walks in and puts his tools down to get a drink...

Mark: Hey babe, what are u doing?
Angelica: Looking at some jewelry.
Mark: Oh cool.
Angelica: By the way babe... Do u know what day it is?
Mark: Is it race night?
Angelica: No... Nevermind forget it.
Mark: Ok (Walks back into the garage to work on the car)

I stared at the catalog and touched the picture of the necklace while a teardrop fell onto the page. I went into the room and cried for about two hours straight. He didn't even notice how I felt that night. He has never gotten me anything for any of our anniversaries. I've waited for 4 months and yet there was still nothing.

- Another Month Later
It's September 1st, and its our 5th anniversary. I'm flipping through the channels and I found the first movie that we ever watched together. As usual, he was working on his car. He walks in to wash his hands...

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Mark: Hey babe, what are you doing?
Angelica: Watching the first movie that we ever watched together.
Mark: Oh I remember that... (Smiles and walks out)
Angelica: Wait...
Mark: (Walks in again) Yes babe?
Angelica: Do u know what day is today?
Mark: Yeah it's friday... Why?
Angelica: Nothing... Never mind.
Mark: Oh Ok (Walks back into the garage)

I turned the TV off and ran into my room and cried for three hours this time. He still didn't notice it. He has never gotten me anything for any of our anniversaries. I've waited 5 months and still nothing.

- Another Month Passes
It's October 1st, and it's our 6th anniversary. I'm reading the love letters that he wrote to me when we were still in high school. He walks in and gives me a kiss on the cheek...

A Racer's Anniversary Part 1 | 2 | 3


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