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Letting Her Go Part 2

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"Eric, can I see you for a moment?"
"What's up, dude?"
"It's about Jeanne!"
"Oh no! don't tell me about that ugly girl! I might barf when I hear her name!"
"Shut Up! Dude, You Just Have To Give Her A Chance! What The Hell Is Wrong With You?"
"Hey! I have other girls who want me. The least thing I need now is another ugly girl liking me."
"She's not ugly! She's kind and beautiful in the inside when you get to know her!"
"Wait! do you!?"
"Yes! I do!"
"Haha! Then why don't you date her?"
"Because! she's in love with a jackass!"
"Still? Haha! Man, she's hilarious! After I rejected her like that?"
"Hey! Please! It would mean a lot to me if you can just say that you like her as a friend and apologize for what happened last time. Man, she came running all the way to my house and started crying! She was just out of control! Just please tell her that?"
"All right!"
"You're the best!"

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"Hey, Jeanne! I'm sorry for what happened last time. I was sort of tired and grouchy. I wasn't in a good mood. I never wanted to say it that way. I like you as a friend. And I want to keep that relationship. All right?" Eric let out his hand for a shake. Jeanne nodded. She let out her hand and they had a friendly handshake, which made James smile.

"See? Eric likes you! He just wants to keep the relationship as friends! All cool with you?"
"Yes..." she said softly. James took her hand and walked away with her.
"You all right, now?"
"Yeah!" she nodded.
"But he only wants to be friends! Because I'm a nerd!"
"Jeanne! Why don't you ever think about me? You know he's a jerk! Why do you mope around for that! So what if he doesn't like you! Everyone is different, Jeanne. In my eyes, you are a beauty. You can't always think about him! There are other guys out there for you! Not just Eric and me! I really don't want to see you like this."
"James! Do you really love me?"
"I don't think I need to answer that!" They stared at each other for a long time.
"James!" She tried to push him away and he staggered a little.
"Jeanne! Answer this for me! Do you love me?"
"James, I never intended to be your girlfriend. I just want to be your friend."
"Oh, I see! You're treating me like how Eric treated you. You don't want to be my girlfriend because I'm way different from you. You don't want to be my girlfriend because I'm better looking than you and you're afraid that people will jeer you because of that. Well, you know what? I don't care about any of that!" And with that, he grabbed her and locked their lips together.


After a while, he moved away.
"Oh, you really do love me!" She hugged him.
"But, Jeanne! do you still have feelings for him?"
"Yes! I always have and always will."
"Do you want to be pretty? Like those girls over there?" James pointed to a group of girls. They all had big hoop earrings and Jeanne noticed that they did not have any thick glasses like her. Jeanne nodded. She was pretty ashamed about it.
"It's all right, Jeanne. All girls want to be good looking. Even if they were once ugly."
"Sure! I used to act like a girl. I always worry about my appearance, my clothes and my hair; just like a girl."
"Haha! That's funny!"
"It's good to see you laugh. Now Jeanne, I'll help you become pretty. Will you be happy then?"
"I don't know. I've never been attractive in my life..." she said innocently.
"Well, it's time you are!"

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"OK! we'll start off with your hair. It's nice and curly. I don't think it's right to put it up into a hairdo or anything. Something needs to go with it and I have just the perfect thing!"
"What is it?"
"Jeanne! We need to pierce your ears."
"Aaaahhhh! Oouch!"
"Well, that wasn't so bad! Right?"
"Yeah right," Jeanne said, rubbing her ears.
"James, it's painful to even touch my ears!"
"Then just leave them alone before you get an infection!"
"All right! Geez!"
"Now, we need to focus on your clothes. You can't always wear a blouse with a tight sweater squeezed over it. You dressed as if our school has a dress code. You should wear a tight shirt with a miniskirt. That would look good on you."

"OK! Now that we have all the clothes and jewelry, all we need to do now is to get rid of your glasses. We need contact lenses for your eyes."
"How are we going to do that?"
"I know someone who can get us contact lenses. I knew my eye doctor for a long time. He can help us with it."

"So you want to give her contact lenses for these glasses?"
"Yeah. Can you help us?"
"Well! the lens are really thick! You must be a really hardworking student," the eye doctor looked at Jeanne. She smiled and nodded.
"So! Will you take them?"
"Yeah, I guess. I really like the design. It can be a display set. And whoever wants it can get it. All right, let's get you some contact lenses."
"That was pretty easy, right Jeanne?"
"But it's pretty weird not pushing up my glasses every 10 seconds."
"Haha. But your new blue eyes look marvelous."
"Wait a minuet! You got me blue contact lenses? Blue?!"
"Yeah. And the extra pair is regular hazel... The same color as your eyes."
"I want the hazel ones. I don't want to be a poser."
"No. Don't you want to have matching contact lenses with Eric? Eric has blue contacts too you know!"
"Fine!" Jeanne pouted. But James knew she was happy deep inside. He knew he was going to have to let go of her soon.

Letting Her Go Part 1 | 2 | 3


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