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Relationship Poems
Ode to Nina

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Bathed in the glory of the early morning dawn,
I saw her divine shape on the horizon of a new day.
A tall silhouette against the teal blue sky,
I ran up to meet her with hope against hope,
That the vision would be real.
That the goddess was truly there.
I must confess that she had beauty unparalleled,
Along with my heart with the firmest of tethers.

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Through the day and deep into the night,
Her presence consumed every fiber of my soul.
Set in a body of porcelain skin,
Her mind was revealed to me.
Only the kindness of her crimson face
masks the determination deeply held.
As the power of her voice conveys
the confidence of will and deed.
Such a display of beauty and strength,
will never exist in this land again.

A delicate cherub descended from the heavens,
Offering tasty morsels of edible treats.
Like a swan, she traversed the waters,
Gliding effortlessly through pools of deepening tranquility.
As from whence she came,
Music emitted from her being,
Through masterful hands and a golden voice.

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This creature, amazing with her charms,
Descended into my life.
Her fair reign transcends the bounds of mortal existence.
This enchantress surpasses even Aphrodite,
With her radiance, drawing me ever nearer.
I fear and dread any separation from her,
As alone, I struggle to survive.

Max Raymond Semenick

Relationship Poems Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5


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