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Real Love Quotes

Real Love Quotes Part 1


Everyone's gonna be a fool in love,
but please be a fool for the right person!

Love, to be real, must cost
- it must hurt - it must empty us of self.

Real love, proves beauty
isn't always an outward appearance.

Economized love is never real love

Kissing helps to show the love
you have for someone,
but real love starts in the heart
and not the lips.

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Real love is when you go through
the toughest storm and find yourself
still holding hands when you come out.

Don't let false love fool you,
but don't let real love pass you by.

You know what real love is
when just thinking of your lover
- maybe something they did before,
or just the thought of them
gives you chills all over your body.

If the people we love are stolen from us,
the way to let them live is to love them.
Buildings burn, people die,
but real love is forever.

Love is just a word, a label;
real love is unexplainable.

I felt marvelous about that because
she's equally wanting to see others
thrive because that's real love.
You know real love,
if you boil down to the bottom line is:
the desire to see someone survive and thrive.


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Real love is when you become selfless
and you are more concerned about
your mate's or children's egos than your own.
You're now a giver instead of a taker.

The roses, the lovely notes,
the dining and dancing are
all welcome and splendid.
But when the Godiva is gone,
the gift of real love is having
someone who'll go the distance with you.
Someone who,
when the wedding day limo breaks down,
is willing to share a seat on the bus.

Real love isn't blind,
It sees, sees everything
but loves anyways.

When you find love, real love,
you don't give it up
without a hell of a fight.

Real love is a pilgrimage.
It happens when their is no strategy,
but it is very rare because
most people are strategists.

No matter how serious life gets,
you still gotta have that one person
you can be completely stupid with.

Real Love Quotes Part 1


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