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Sad Love Quotes That Make You Cry

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Everybody makes mistakes.
I also make them.
But the biggest mistake
I ever made was falling for you.

A tear falls forever inside a broken heart.

I always knew that looking back
to the cries would make me laugh;
but I never knew that looking back
to the laughs would make me cry.

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Where there is love there is pain

How can I promise you forever
when tomorrow is so far away from me?
How can I dry your tears
when I have a bleeding heart inside of me?
How can I ever forget you
when your name is etched so deep within me?

Have you ever cried your eyes out
until all the tears in this world have dried,
and yet the sourness
in your heart still hasn't gone?
That's when the person
causing you the pain is
the only one you ever loved.

The time runs slowly...
just like my tears.

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When you have loved unconditionally
one man and lost that love,
it leaves a wound that never heals,
a sad and broken heart, a void forever.


Learn to love someone
who would never make you cry.
If he hurts you real bad,
then why don't you just say goodbye.
You see, men are not worthy of precious tears,
they just make us look terrible
so please remember that my dear.

Quotes That Make You Cry Part 1 | 2 | 3


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