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Release Date: August 16, 2002

Runtime: 102 min

Language: English / French

Tagline: The past will connect them. The passion will possess them.

Director: Neil LaBute

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Who's In It:

Gwyneth Paltrow as Maud Bailey
Aaron Eckhart as Roland Michell
Jeremy Northam as Randolph Henry Ash
Jennifer Ehle as Christabel LaMotte
Lena Headey as Blanche Glover
Holly Aird as Ellen Ash
Tom Hollander as Euan

Soundtrack / Songs: Possession - Gabriel Yared - Soundtracks - 2002

1. Possesso (Aria) - Ramon Vargas
2. The British Museum
3. Gentle Possession
4. Discovering The Letters
5. Maud And Roland In North Yorkshire
6. Christabel's Room
7. Maud And Roland
8. Blanche's Diary
9. Etude To Christabel
10. Let Down Your Hair
11. Dolly Hides A Secret
12. Possession
13. Reading The Letters
14. Blanche's Suicide
15. Exile In Brittany
16. Renewed Correspondence
17. You Have A Daughter
18. Journey To Whitby
19. A Hotel Room In Whitby
20. Poignant Thoughts

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Quotes From Possession:

Randolph Ash: They say that women change: 'tis so: but you are ever-constant in your changefulness, like that still thread of falling river, one from source to last embrace in the still pool ever-renewed and ever-moving on from first to last a myriad water-drops.

Maude in the morning after they hooked up which Roland put a stop to: Okay, let's not beat the thing dead. It happened. We're both grown-ups...
Roland Michell: Speak for yourself.
Maude: I'd hate to see how you're like after you actually sleep with someone.

Christabel LaMotte: I cannot let you burn me up, nor can I resist you. No mere human can stand in a fire and not be consumed.


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