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Poems That Make You Cry
Broken Heart Can't Be Recovered

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When i look at your glance
There are sadness in your eyes
Do you really want us to say goodbye
But i see tears running down
From your forlorn eyes
Is it a mirage that i can't believe
Can someone tell me
It is a ridiculous joke
But why the whole world cry
God is not good
As you take away the innocent

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Words are cruel
As you mislead the pure
Do you have to go
You nod but don't say anything
Do you have to go
You smile but eyes turn red
So many why in my head
When i look at you again
So many snabs in heart
When i take a glance again
The words you said
I will die with no country
That really makes me cry
But you are beyond the country
That really makes you pride
What i want to ask is that
Do you have happiness
Because so many betrayed you
Do you have any joy
Because so many made fun of you

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All these like a perfect end
As you are away from absurdity
All these like a flawless end
As you are away from ridiculousness
But to me
All these like a tragic end
I can't hear your voice more
I can't see your smile anymore
All i can touch is that
A shining coffin in the cold dirt

Wendy Chung

Poems That Make You Cry Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6


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