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My Happy Ending Part 1

My Happy Ending Part 1 | 2 | 3


It's lengthy, but I want to dedicate this space to my wife. Hope it inspires you in certain ways after reading. Love is not always a sad and negative thing. It can sometimes be beautiful.

So here it goes...

When I was nineteen years old back in MIRC days, my nickname was AcidBurn, inspired by the movie, “Hackers”, starring Ethan Hawk. Through chat rooms, I got to know this lovely lady whom we stayed in touch via the internet for almost a year. We slowly evolved to communicating through pagers and typing script messages into our memo jazz. I smiled everyday due to the messages I received. We poured out our woes and shared our happiness with each other everyday. She was so near and yet so far then.

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After two years, we finally decided to meet up. It was a short and brief meeting in Starbucks at Paya Lebar Singpost office. However, it was memorable. We kept in touch and we felt an indescribable warm sensation towards each other. We confided our feelings with each other openly but we couldn’t be together as we were both involved in our own relationships. I was only twenty-one years old then.

Life is like a path full of corners. You never know what lies ahead of you.

Time passed and we had our own fair share of relationships. We never got together because when she was single, I was attached, and vice versa. Soon, it was time for me to do my national service in the army while she had to go overseas to further her studies. We kept in touch but it was minimal.

>>>>>> Fast Forward >>>>>>


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I was twenty-three years old when I met with a military accident during national service. I ruptured my leg badly. She tried contacting me unsuccessfully when she was back in Singapore for holidays. When she finally found out from my parents about my accident, she rushed to the hospital and broke down the moment she saw me. I was in a bad shape. To make things worse, her boyfriend forbade her to visit me as he always felt that I was a threat. I was hospitalized for a total of eighteen long months. After her holidays ended, she went back to Australia for her studies

My Happy Ending Part 1 | 2 | 3


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