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One Sided Love Quotes

One Sided Love Quotes Part 1


He loves me
Maybe a little…
Maybe a lot…
Maybe forever…
Maybe not…

Love is listening to him
talk about his girlfriend for hours.

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Enduring, can last long,
not minding or always finding fault.
Love is not one sided
but it goes with two hearts.

I keep telling myself that I don’t miss you,
and that I don’t love you,
hoping someday I’ll believe it.

Perhaps one day,
you might see me the way I see you;
but for now, being as your friend
would have to suffice.

Since the first day i saw you
i know that i love you
i tried to be close to you
but you never let me to
and why when it comes to you?
I was never busy
but when it comes to me
you always don't have time?

If you want to love,
love carefully because
one sided love means total loss!


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If you express love
in a way your partner
does not understand,
he will not realise that
you have expressed
your love at all.

Even though you won’t be mine,
its enough just seeing you smile.

Love isn’t as horrible as everyone depicts it as.
We are all running in one chain.
Each person is chasing another.
All you have to do is turn around
to see the one who only sees you.

Loving someone is hard,
especially when you know
they belong to someone else.

One Sided Love Quotes Part 1


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